Windpark #1 in the Leningrad region

The project of the first wind farm in the Leningrad Region became possible thanks to the legislative support of renewable energy sources in the Russian Federation.

This is an investment project that involves the use of large material resources at its initial stage of development.


The territory for the construction of the wind park is located near the village of Sviritsa in the Leningrad Region, on an area of 1200 hectares, in close proximity to communications and power lines, which reduces the amount of investments in the wind farm infrastructure and facilitates the delivery of wind turbines and their components.

Financial indicators of the project

CAPEX, announced for the competition

71 000 000 rubles/MWatt *

Installed capacity of the project

68,4 MWatt

CAPEX of the project

6 840 000 000 rubles


71 619 007 rubles**


10,21 %

Simple payback period

7 years and 4 months

The cash flow generated by the project for the period of operation of the wind farm (20 years)

14 243 637 353 rubles

* Average value based on the results of COM 2018
** At a discount rate of 10%

Revenues during the period of operation of the DPM, excluding VAT, mln. rubles

proceeds from electricity sales

revenue from the sale of capacity

Current status of the project

Currently, the wind farm is being designed.
In the near future, the partners of the project intend to obtain a building permit.