The project for the construction of a wind farm in the territory
complex of protective structures
St. Petersburg from floods

WES Damba


The project envisages the construction of a 125 MW wind farm (estimated capacity) along the complex of protective structures (KZS) – on the Neva side, on the coast of the Gorskaya site and in the western part of Kotlin Island.

Estimation of the VED performed on the basis of full-scale measurements shows a high potential (up to 550 W / m2 at an altitude of 80 m) near the KZS.

Financial indicators of the project

Due to the presence of a complex of factors influencing the sale of electricity from the WES Damba, it is intended to consider both models for the sale of electricity for each complex and for the whole project – both wholesale and retail, making a decision on the model at the stage of the investment portfolio formation.

Installed capacity of the project

125 MW

Coefficient of use of installed capacity

34 %

Operation period

20 years

Annual output of electricity

369 936 MW*hour

The amount of capital expenditures

15,12 billion rubles

Indicators of the wholesale market

Revenues for the period of operation

53,6 billion rubles


13,02 %

Simple payback period

9 years

Indicators of the retail market *

Revenues for the period of operation

51,79 billion rubles


7,95 %

Simple payback period

13 years

* Indicators for retail are calculated with accounting for the establishment of a tariff of 7 rubles / kW * h for the entire period of operation of the wind farm

Advantages for the city of St. Petersburg in the implementation of the project

  • Tax receipts from the power generation facility
  • Development of power engineering and metalworking enterprises in the city when receiving orders for the production of components for wind turbines
  • Improve the ecology of the city by increasing the share of renewable energy
As one of the most important effects that can affect many sectors of the city’s economy, is the PR-effect. Wind turbines located in the sea gates of the city will create the image of the Northern capital, the city of clean energy and the ecological capital of Russia, among cruise liners entering the city.

Current status of the project

Pre-project researches are conducted.